Recover APK Files from Android Smartphone

Have you deleted .apk folder from your Android device to create some free space? This might make applications from your Android device completely unusable. Because by doing this, you have made all the applications that are inbuilt and application which you have downloaded inaccessible. This situation may frustrate you, as all the amazing applications become inaccessible and restrict you from using them. Don’t worry, you can make them accessible again by using Android recovery software, which can effectively carry out Android APK files recovery and is made to tackle with all your Android related problems. This powerful software can also be used to recover deleted files from your Android Phone, you can check out the given link to get more info.

If you are an Android user there are possibilities that you might be knowing about the .apk files. As these files resides in the internal memory of your Android device and these are supporting files that are required for smooth running of your Android applications. Android Package File knows as (.apk) files is saved on the Android operating system. Every application that is installed on your Android device has the extension .apk. Due to which it becomes one of the important files for good working of all your Android applications. Increase your knowledge about how Android Recovery software can recover APK files from Android Smartphones that too within few simple clicks.

As these files get saved in the internal memory of an Android device due to which it takes some of the memory space. Applications like google maps, adobe flash player and some of the other applications have their root directory in the internal memory of the device and it’s not possible to move these files to external memory of the device like memory card. You might unknowingly delete these files in order to save some internal memory space. This is just one of the scenario, there could be various other scenarios that can affect .apk files. You can restore Android APK files by using our Android recovery tool. Go to this link to grasp complete details about this wonderful recovery tool.

Reasons for losing (.apk) files:

Use of Thrid Party tool: Many of you might have installed an antivirus program to keep your Android device free from harmful virus items, but sometimes installation or running of these antivirus programs may damage your .apk file and cause data loss.

Involuntary Deletion: In order to save some of the memory space you might unintentionally delete the important .apk file folder.

Formatting: When your memory card gets affected due to virus you may perform antivirus scan. If the problem still persist then you would format the memory card and sometimes the device too that in turns results in deletion of .apk file.

Abrupt Termination: Closing the application while it is still in use may damage the .apk file. And makes all of your Android application inaccessible.

Points to be Remembered after Data Loss.

As soon as you find that .apk file is lost or has got deleted, stop the use of the device immediately. To remove the chances of data overwriting and increase the possibilities of Android APK files recovery.

Don’t save any new file to your device.

Always use read only type of recovery software to recover APK files from Android without causing any damage to the original .apk file.

Advance features of this Software:

It has well equipped technicalities using which it can recover deleted or lost .apk file from the Android. It performs a complete scan of the drive and can retrieve lost files on Android device easily and quikly. Android recovery software comes with simple and easy user interface and make Android file recovery APK very easy. Using this tool, you can effectively restore deleted video files from the Android that too at your fingertips. Browse around the given website for more details.

Use these steps for performing Android APK files Recovery:

Step 1: Download and install a trial edition of an Android recovery tool. Connect your Android device to your PC and launch the Android recovery software tool then click on "Recover Deleted Files" button to restore Android APK files that are deleted.

Android APK Files Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: It will set up a connection with your Android device and Scan complete device including your internal and as well as external memory. Select a particular physical drive and click on NEXT.

Android APK Files Recovery - Select Android Drive

Fig 2: Select Android Drive

Step 3: After the completion of recovery process, you can see the recovered .apk files from Android and other data in “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW”.

Android APK Files Recovery - Recovered .apk Files

Fig 3: Recovered .apk Files