Android Memory Card Recovery Tool

The Android powered devices have the option of saving number of files on it. If you need more space to save the data then you need to employ external storage device. There comes a need of memory card. By employing memory card, you can save more number of files on the Android device. A memory card slot will be present on the device where you can insert different cards. SD memory card is the highly preferred memory card that is used in Android powered devices. As SD card provides amazing features and you can save the files of different files types that mainly includes digital file formats like photos and videos.

The files from Android memory card might be lost at times. Suppose you had less space in the memory card then you need to transfer the data to other storage drives or need to insert new memory card. There are cases in which while removing the memory card from Android phone, you might abruptly remove it and lose access to the stored files on it. What can be done in that situation? You had all your important pictures, videos and other files in that. Don’t panic!!! You can recover Android memory card data using Android recovery program. Android Recovery Software is the best Android memory card recovery software that can be used to perform Android memory card restore. Browse around this URL to get complete information about this utility.

Some of the scenarios in which Android memory card data is lost:

Inadvertent deletion: The files might get deleted from the android memory card inadvertently while deleting some unneeded files thereby resulting in data loss. But, if you want to restore accidentally deleted Android memory card files then you can recover them by using this Android memory card recovery tool. The software can efficiently recover deleted pictures prom Android SD card, CF card and many more memory card types.

Memory card corruption: The memory card might get corrupted due to improper handling of the card. You might employ memory card into different devices which corrupts your memory card and makes all the saved data unreadable to you causing loss of data. In that case, you can carry out Android memory card restore by using Android Recovery Software which can recover files from Android memory card effectively.

Virus attack: The virus might attack and spoil the Android memory card. The files on the memory card will become inaccessible to its user that in turn leads to loss of data from card. If you do not have the other copy of the important files on it then you need to recover those files using recovery software. Android Recovery Software is considered to be the most popular Android memory card recovery software which you can use.

Accidental formatting: Android memory card can be formatted accidentally or intentionally. When your memory cards gets corrupted, then you need to format your card to resue it. But, you will lose the files on the memory card after format process. Therefore, you should have the backup of the data in it before formatting. If you do not have the backup then you can retrieve memory card data using recovery software. And, you can even format your Android memory card unintentionally and hence end up losing all your valuable data.

Advanced features of Android Recovery Software:

The Android Recovery Software helps you to retrieve data from Android memory card. The lost files from Android phones can be recovered easily within few simple steps. Click this website to know more on how to recover lost files from Android memory card. The software supports data recovery from Android connected to Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can restore the files using powerful scanning mechanism of the software in a moment. You can recover deleted videos, photos, music, etc. files from Android efficiently using the software. With the help of this recovery utility, you can recover data from HTC Android phone as well as from other brands of Android phones such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Nexus, etc. Try the demo version of the software to evaluate the recovery results. This tool is recommended by the experts and considered as one of the best tool to perform deleted file recovery from Android phones, find more details on this by clicking here

Simple steps to perform Android memory card restore:

Step 1: Install the software on the Windows computer and connect the Android phone to it. Select “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” from the main window depending on the loss scenario to recover Android memory card data.

Android Memory Card Recovery Software - Main Window

Fig 1 Main Window

Step 2: Select the Android memory card from which you need to restore data and click on "Next" as in Figure 2.

Android Memory Card Recovery Software - Select Android Drive

Fig 2: Select Android Memory Card

Step 3: After scanning, the files will be displayed in “File Type View / Data Type View”. You can preview the pictures and then save the files on the drive of the computer as in Figure 3.

Android Memory Card Recovery Software - Recovered Files

Fig 3: Recovered Files