Data Recovery Tool for Android Phone

Android Smartphone is regraded as the most popular mobile device in the recent years. Almost half of the Smartphones market share is occupied by Android powered phones. With Android Smartphone, you can take pictures, record videos and make use of it as a micro storage device. Sometimes, accidently we may delete photos, documents on our Android phone, or we might lose our contacts. The very first thing we can think of is that is there any safe and easy way to get these files recovered. Off course yes!!! By using some reliable and proficient data recovery software for Android Phone, the restoration of lost or deleted data is possible.

Generally, people lose their valuable data from the storage space where they are saved and in Android, these memory areas might be either internal memory or your external memory card. When the people find their data inaccessible from its storage place, there actually occurs data loss situation. In fact many times people unknowingly or intentionally format or delete their data and later find the lost data to be really important but fail to find a way to restore it. Once you lose data from any storage device, it is not permanently erased from the storage area, only its file address becomes free to store other data. So, if these free addresses are not overwritten by any other data then you can restore your data. And that is what Android phone data recovery software does. It is employed as the most powerful data recovery software for android phone. It restores the deleted, formatted and lost data from their lost addresses by making use of those addresses. In this way, it retrieves your lost data from Android phone. Visit this URL to get answer for any further queries.

Data loss scenarios from Android phone:

Card Corruption: Memory card corruption due to unknown errors leads to inaccessibility of SD card data and in turn results in loss of data from Android phone SD card. But, by using Android recovery software you can easily recover lost files from Android.

Human Errors: Accidental deletion of data from Android phones or formatting the card inadvertently are main reasons for data loss on Android phones. There are certain instances where in people in haste end up deleing essential files instead of deleting redundant files or formatting the device without taking backup that leads to data loss from Android.

Mishandling Memory card: Removing the memory card when Android phone is in use or ejecting the memory card during write process also causes data loss from Android phones.

Virus Infection: : Deadly virus / malware attack to the Android phone when connected to computer also results in data loss from Android phone. However, using efficient data recovery software for Android phone to recover data from Android phone and solve all your Android data loss problems.

Data Transfer Error: When there is a sudden power outage while transferring files from Android phone to PC or vice versa the data from the memory card may get lost. Then you need to go for data recovery tool for Android phone to restore photos from Android. Check out this link for more information.

Precaution to be followed:

  • Always copy important file from your Android phone before performing any format.
  • It is highly recommended not to use your phones SD card after data loss.
  • It is also suggested not to save the restored data on to your Android device which leads to overwriting and hence causes permanent file loss.
  • Use updated antivirus scanning program to counter with deadly viruses.

Features of Android phone data recovery software:

  • Easily recover deleted videos from Android & also retrieve deleted audio files, photos, apps and other Android stuffs.
  • Has great potential to create SD card replica image in order to perform data restoration later.
  • It can recover data from Android Phone with all kind of memory cards like Mini SD, Micro SD, SDHC and other memory card types.
  • Easy to use software as it has very simple user interface. It can easily recover data from all types of Android devices. Have a look over this URL it will give complete glimpse of Android device data recovery:
  • Previews the recoverable files before data recovery.
  • Software can effeciently retrieve deleted files from Android based tablets that too in few simple clicks of mouse. Get into this site to grasp more knowledge.

Steps to restore data from Android phone:

Step1: Connect your Android phone to computer. Download and install free trial version of Data Recovery Software for Android phone. After installation select either “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” according to your data loss scenario in order to restore data from Android phone from the main screen as in Figure 1.

Data Recovery Software for Android phone - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Select Android phone from where you need to recover data from Android Phone and click on "Next" as in Figure 2. Then scanning process is done.

Data Recovery Software for Android phone - Select Android Device

Figure 2: Select Android Device

Step 3: You can view recovered file in “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW” as in Figure 3.

Data Recovery Software for Android phone - Preview File

Figure 3: Preview File